Who The Fuck is DJversion666?

Snow02Brian Stewart is the creative power behind DJversion666, composing industrial music of various sub-genres ranging from goth to industrial metal and everything in between. He also has deejayed at various venues, ranging from gentlemen’s clubs in the State of New Jersey, to industrial dance clubs such as Mojo 13′s Asylum 13 and Solid State, in Wilmington, Delaware.

He continues to work with incredibly talented individuals, including the man behind the project, Exemia, whose list of accomplishments are far to large to summarize on one internet.

His premiere album, Prelude, is his way of kicking down the doors of the music industry to let everyone know he’s arrived.

several musical styles all tied into a dark, industrial sound

Band Members
Brian Stewart aka DJversion666- Keyboards, Bass, Vocals, Beatmixing, Sacrilege, Lolz (on the album- vocals and occasional bass, live)

Nathan Brodsky – Guitars/Bass


Brick Township, NJ

Record Label
darkTunes Records

Short Description
I am a former, studied musician who now sculpts sounds using an old Kurzweil K2000, a Fender Jazz fretless bass, some effects, and a peculiar imagination.

Long Description
This page shares information about the latest original music and dj mixes (of other industrial artists) for your listening pleasure.

Most of the original music is available for download, free of charge at either https://soundcloud.com/djversion666 or https://djversion666.bandcamp.com/

DJversion666 was originally a moniker used to poke fun at the ridiculous names DJs call themselves (DJversion666 is a dj, as well as a musician, after all). A few years ago, he started releasing his older, original works onto various media outlets which spawned a desire to write newer music. His love for the industrial sound is apparent in his creations. What started out as an outlet for the noises in his head, became a life of its own. Now, it sits and waits to pounce on every note that is fed into it. DJversion666 is a slave to his own creations.

Personal Interests
I’m a computer junkie and a techno-whore. The first step is admitting it. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Artists We Also Like
(in no particular order)
Panic Lift
Drowning Susan
(and the list goes on)
(in no particular order)
Nine Inch Nails
J.S. Bach
Sister Machine Gun
Gustav Holst
Gravity Kills
Count Basie
Stabbing Westward
Stevie Ray Vaughan
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
The Damned
Aphex Twin
(and the list goes on)

Band Interests
giggling like a schoolboy at religion in any fashion, fart humor, porn, computers, art in its various forms, creatively fantasizing about ways in which Rush Limbaugh unwinds, demonic worship (rawr), friends and family time, throwing untruths into a mix of humorous lists that also happen to contain a truth or two

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